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Hi I'm Ram Krishna Singh

I am Data Science Engineer currently working at Micron. I love doing Data things. I work mostly with Python. I love listening to songs, playing chess and doing meditation.

Brief timeline of my career

Data Science Engineer at Micron

Jul 2023 - now

Studied at National Institute of Technology Rourkela

Sep 2021 - Jun 2023

  • M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

See more about my working experiences on my resume page.

Why have this blog?

To share whatever I learn

I have recently been inspired by the concept of "learning in public" which involves sharing my learning journey with others. This approach not only allows me to contribute my take on topics but also serves as a personal documentation of my progress.

I want to write about technical topics that I am learning and facing difficulties with, and share my thoughts through writing.

I would highly appreciate if you could leave your comments and thoughts on what I have written .


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